Hegner Scroll Saw

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Hegner Scroll Saw
Name Hegner M22-V Scroll Saw
Zone Wood Shop

Owner Tim Clayson
Make Model Hegner M22-V
Part Number
Date Acquired 2021/10/13
Storage Location Woodshop
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running

Documentation Manuals:
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Hegner scroll saw, 22in capacity, variable speed. German made, heavy cast iron frame and table. This scroll saw can be used to cut wood, metal, plastics or other materials with proper blades. It leaves a very smooth edge.

Multiple types of scroll saws are available. A guide is included in the Manuals section.


Training and authorization required. Users need to provide their own saw blades:

  • Many different types of sawblades used for different materials and thicknesses
  • Sawblades are not that expensive
  • Sawblades are very small and can be damaged or broken easily if not used correctly
  • Stocking and maintaining an inventory of blades is not something I want to do.

Therefore, if you have to buy your own blades, you'll choose the proper blade for the material you want to cut.


Instruction manual describes procedures to install blades, set proper tension, select appropriate blade speed and stroke length, etc. To get authorized, you must demonstrate how to perform these actions.

Maintenance Info



Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
Tim Clayson 2021/10/13
Frank Aloia III 2022/11/22
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Katlyn Mehne Tim Clayson 2022/2/15
Patrick Guyon Tim Clayson 2022/5/4
Nick LaRocca Tim Clayson 2022/5/4
Darwin Smith Tim Clayson 2022/08/25
Evan Greene Tim Clayson 2022/08/25
Frank Aloia Tim Clayson 2022/08/25
Gary Grzebienik Tim Clayson 2022/08/25
Mark Welty Frank Aloia III 07/10/2023
Craig Houston Tim Clayson 06/29/2024
Paul Lee Tim Clayson 06/29/2024
David Lee Tim Clayson 06/29/2024

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