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Welcome to the Wood Shop Consumables List!

  • The purpose of this list is to provide a central place for information about wood shop consumables.
  • The sign columns are for signs to hang on or near equipment to inform/remind members of the approximate cost of consumables. These signs are meant to help users decide how much they will contribute to the consumables money box when working in the wood shop.
  • Sign example in doc format
  • The columns for purchase information are intended to be more specific and detailed, to help members purchase consumables.
Equipment name/wikilink Equipment name (sign) Consumable name (sign) Consumable cost (sign) Equipment model number / description Consumable model number / description Consumable source and price (purchase)
Powermatic_14_inch_Bandsaw Powermatic Band Saw New blade $25 Powermatic saw with riser block, requires a 105 inch blade Timber Wolf® 3/8" x 4TPI, Replacement blades may be on hand in wood shop cabinet Timber Wolf Band Saw Blades www.suffolkmachinery.com Sawblades.com
Rigid 16gal Wet-Dry Vac Shop Vac Replace filter $18 Rigid 16gal Wet-Dry Vac Replace paper filter model VF4000 Home Depot ($18.00 on 12/2012)
SawStop Table Saw Table Saw New blade $100 SawStop 10" Cabinet Saw SawStop BTS-R-40ATB 40-Tooth blade Amazon, Sawblade.com
SawStop Table Saw Table Saw Brake Cartridge $69 Brake Cartridge SawStop TSBC-10R2 Rockler or Amazon
SawStop Table Saw Table Saw Sharpen blade $30 SawStop 10" Cabinet Saw Sharpen blade (type TBD) Glenn Wing tools
DeWALT Mitersaw Mitersaw New blade $125 DeWalt DW 705 New 12in blade (Freud LU85R012) Rockler or Woodcraft$125
DeWALT Mitersaw Mitersaw Sharpen blade $32 DeWalt DW 705 Sharpen 12in blade (96-tooth carbide) Glenn Wing Tools ($57)
Milwaukee Panel Saw Panel saw New Blade $62 Freud LU82M008 8-Inch 48 Tooth TCG Crosscutting and Ripping Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor Amazon
Powermatic Oscillating Spindle Sander Oscillating Spindle Sander New sandpaper sleeve $3 Powermatic 014 New sandpaper sleeve ---1 1/2 in x 6, 2"x6", 60 or 100 Grit Klingspor Woodworking http://www.woodworkingshop.com
Powermatic Belt and Disc Sander Belt and Disc Sander Abrasives disc and Belt $9 Powermatic Medel 31A 12 inch disc, 6 x 48 inch Belt, $9.00 Klingspor Woodworking http://www.woodworkingshop.com
Jet Drum Sander Drum Sander New sandpaper precut Ready to Wrap belts $12 Jet 60-6080 Ready-To-WrapTM Abrasive Strip, 80 Grit Rockler
Hand Sanders 5 inch R.O. Sander 5 inch Velcro 8 hole disc $.50 each Any 80, 100, 120, 220, 320 Grit Rockler, H.D
Craftsman 16gal Wet-Dry Vac Wet-Dry Vac New paper filter $20 Craftsman 113.177611 New paper filter (Sears part number 17816) Sears ($17)