Jet Drill Press

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Jet Drill Press
Name Jet Drill Press
Zone Wood Shop

Owner Dave Scholl
Make Model Jet JDP-15M
Part Number Stock No. 354165, Serial No. 7090087
Date Acquired
Storage Location In the wood shop on a rolling cart.
Authorization Required No
Status Running

Documentation * User manual
Other References


It is most often used for drilling holes in wood, plastic, and related materials. With specialized bits, it can also be used for sanding.


  • Please wear safety glasses!
  • Set Speed to appropriate Drill size
  • Please clamp your work to the drill press table.
  • Before you drill, check to make sure your bit is located over the hole in the table. When the table is raised or lowered, it can swing a little bit to the side. If the hole is not aligned under the bit, when the drill goes through the workpiece it will make another divot like the one you can see on the table now. When the table is aligned, lock it down tight with the clamp handle.
  • When you use a hole saw bit, put a second board under your workpiece. Set the depth stop so the saw teeth go into the second board but do not go down to the table. If the table continues to accumulate hole saw damage, it will need to be replaced.
  • Unplug the drill before you change speeds. Power switches in the wood shop can turn on unexpectedly because of sawdust inside the switch. If you let this happen to you when you have your fingers around the drive belt those fingers will likely be torn off.


  • The chuck key is on a retractable chain on the right-hand side, next to the motor.
  • Drill press clamps and the drill press vise are kept in the cart under the drill press.

Maintenance Info



  1. Where are drill bits stored? A: Some drill bits are stored in the tool crib in plastic bins. Others are stored in the metal shop.
  2. Are there different bits for wood and metal? A: Yes and no. Some bits can be used for wood and many kinds of metal, some bits are only for wood, some are only for masonry, some are for composites, some are for extremely hard metal, some are only for glass...
  3. How can I tell them apart? A: It takes time to learn to recognize the different types of drill bits. There is no shortcut. Some of the differences are subtle. Here are two good places to start learning about drill bits:
    1. Wikipedia article about drill bits
    2. McMaster-Carr Online Catalog This online catalog has more secret rooms and unexpected passageways to explore than one of those terminal-based adventure games. Your persistence will be rewarded. Scroll down to see all of the different categories, click on each drill bit picture to read a detailed description and see more pictures, and expand the "About" links for even more good information.


  • Build Cabinet for Drill Press tools and accessories

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