Jet 15 inch planer

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Jet 15 inch planer
15 inch planer.jpg
Name Jet 15 inch helical carbide cutter planer
Zone Wood Shop

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Jet 708543, JWP 15HH
Part Number S/N 17081269
Date Acquired 2017-10
Storage Location This machine is located in the Woodshop
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value $2,650

Documentation * Owners Manual
Other References * Planer consumables are on this list: Wood Shop Consumables


This thickness planer is for use with kiln dried wood only and will create parallel top and bottom surfaces


Use only kiln dried wood, not plywood, composites or plastics is required for all users

Authorization Required for machine adjustments and blade changes

  • For cutting wood or plastics, no metals
  • Read, understand and follow the safety instructions found in the manual
  • Keep fingers 6 inches from the blade
  • Never clear small pieces while the blade is running
  • Use push paddles, Do not push work with your hands.
  • Keep guards in place
  • Do not force the tool, it will do a better job at the rates it is designed for
  • Wear proper apparel, do not wear loose clothing or other items that may get caught. Wear protective hair covering to contain long hair.
  • Always wear Safety glasses.


Plan your cuts before making them

Maintenance Info

Before doing maintenance on the machine, disconnect it from the electrical supply by pulling out the plug or switching off the main switch! The table should be kept clean and free of rust. The lubricant in the gear box must be drained and replaced every 2,500 hours. Multi-purpose gear box lubricant will be suitable.


  • Planer snipe - Table rollers not set, Inadequate support of long boards, Uneven feed roller pressure
  • Infeed and outfield not set
  • Poor feeding of lumber - planer table dirty, V belt sipping


Jet 15 inch planer Zone: Wood Shop "/>