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General TODOs

Media Lab Description Champion
Backup then reset Windows PC
Make fabric sleeve for roll of photo gloss
put new sign on printer
Possibly setup DesignJet accounts
Go through all the bins and misc. items that have collected under the desk
Paint Compute Desk Paint Compute Desk James O'Dell
Update wiki Update wiki with printer directions,

cost listing, printer tutorials

James O'Dell
Paint Shelves James O'Dell
Move server left Move server left to get more leg


James O'Dell
Fix Ceiling Plug holes in ceiling and fix walls James O'Dell

Equipment TODOs

DesignJet t1100psNeeds a fitted cover, at some point. How-to list for printing patterns and posters on the roll paper at full size.
  • Acquire ink cartridges.
  • Test printer.
  • Setup for fabric printing!