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EpsonStylusPro9800 1200x1200.png
Name Epson Stylus Pro 9800
Zone Media Lab

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Epson
Part Number Stylus Pro 9800
Date Acquired 2019-03
Storage Location
Authorization Required No
Status Down
Value 700

Power Requirements 120 VAC
Other References Media settings:

Media available:


Working to get setup and running. Needs multiple ink cartridges replaced. Currently chillin' in the classroom.

This is a 44-inch, 8-ink photo printer. Can theoretically print on "up to 1.5mm thick posterboard", and Epson sells posterboard in 24x30 and 30x40" sizes. They also sell canvas and other fine-art media for use with this printer.

Cartridges are available as 110ml or 220ml, and can be replaced in the middle of a print job. A full set of carts is as follows:

  • Cyan (C) Ink Cartridge
  • Light Cyan (Lc) Ink Cartridge
  • Magenta (M) Ink Cartridge
  • Light Magenta (Lm) Ink Cartridge
  • Yellow (Y) Ink Cartridge
  • Light Black (Lk) Ink Cartridge
  • Light Light Black (LLk) Ink Cartridge
  • Photo Black (PK) Ink Cartridge
  • Matte Black (MK) Ink Cartridge



File:Epson stylus pro 7800 9800 user guide.pdf

Maintenance Info

File:Epson stylus pro 7400 7800 9400 9800 service manual.pdf



  • Acquire ink cartridges.
  • Test printer.
  • Setup for fabric printing!

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