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I just took over as Zone Coordinator last week. I need to get caught up with things. Please email me with problems or questions

James O'Dell

Zone Information
Zone Name Media Lab
Zone Slogan Make the dream.
Zone Coordinator(s) Robert Burns
Zone E-mail
Map Area E
Zone Color Chartreuse
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The media lab is a place where members have access to a powerful PC with the software needed to create, including the Adobe CS5 Master Collection and Inkscape. With these tools members can manipulate photos, make illustrations, edit video, and audio.

Table of Equipment

Equipment Authorization Owner(s) Status
Imac No Running
Media Lab Lights No Running
Akai MPK 249 Midi Keyboard No Running
3D Scanner - Afinia ES360 No Running

Media Workstation

If the workstation is powered off or sleeping, press both the alien face button and the top button (both silver) at the same time.

Members can access the workstation by choosing the i3 Member user, then entering the password that is affixed on the top of a tower.

Note: Users also access the workstation via VPN. If you log in and it and it appears someone has been on, you may have just kicked them off. BE EXCELLENT: Wait a minute and see if they resume use. Otherwise close out any active programs and use normally. If you are still unsure, check the Media Lab channel on Slack.

Using Illustrator for the Laser Cutter

A few key pointers when preparing an Illustrator file for the Laser Cutter:

  • Ensure all of your objects are vector shapes (as opposed to raster images).
  • For etching, make sure you eliminate overlapping lines. They will throw off your etch.
  • If you traced a bitmap image into a vector image, try to eliminate as many unnecessary points and lines as possible.
  • When you save, uncheck the Compression box.
  • Save the document in the native .ai format

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