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Real Name Roger Slykhouse
E-mail Address
Slack Handle rogers
Other Links elfTronics

Board Member: 2012-2013

Authorized to use:

Car uppy go downy
Laser Power Meter
Skutt Kiln

Certified Trainer on:

Skutt Kiln


  • Progromino (v1 complete; needs more software)
  • Le_Dominoux shouldn't be an orphan page either!
  • Got the Makerbot running, but then it died again
  • Bat Houses (using Shopbot at Lorraine County Comm College Fab Lab))
  • Square Foot Gardening stuff (ongoing)
  • ChromoDisk (prototype complete with demo software)
  • LED grow light
  • Vorticinerator (fire tornado)
  • Elements (with Bacon)
  • JukeBox Island (with Mario)
  • Low-Power Wireless board for Fool Moon Parade
  • Tile Seasons for Troy Children's Hospital (with Gregg S)
  • Kinetic sculpture (with Jenna)
  • various small laser cutter projects
  • WormHo wireless mesh network (with several members and non-members)
  • EMG shield for Arduino


  • Microcontrollers and Arduino
  • ATTiny and ATMega using AtmelStudio with C and Assembler
  • Software Engineering (assembler, Java, PHP, FORTRAN, BASIC, is HTML software?)
  • Some basic woodworking
  • Really basic welding
  • Basic electronics
  • Basic CNC using g-code on the Haas
  • Laser Engraver/Cutter Mechanic and Superuser
  • Eagle PCB design software
  • Business and Organizational Stuff
  • Financial stuff
  • MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, and Visio
  • Gardening ... well, not a completely brown thumb
  • AliExpress procurement

What I want to learn/work on with you

  • Low-Power Wireless
  • Laser projects
  • Anything fun, creative, and challenging

Other Activities/Interests

  • Gardening
  • Working out
  • Skiing
  • Windsurfing <== need to do (a lot more) more of this!
  • Investing
  • Light construction / remodeling
  • Solar and other renewable energy
  • Interactive art