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Real Name Jeff Pynnonen
E-mail Address

Media Lab Coordinator

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Jeff Pynnonen

I am a semi-retired embedded systems engineer. I have mostly worked for the automotive industry:

  • GM as a contractor on the 1987 Buick Riveria [1]
  • EDS, working for GM STG(Service Technology Group)
  • Panasonic [2]
  • Methode Electronics[3]

I can teach you

  • How to Setup a Raspberry Pi system.
Ask questions, and I'm pretty sure to answer them.

Current Interests

  • Small Linux-based computers such as:
 Raspberry Pi 3 b+ (the latest and greatest)
 Raspberry Pi 3 
 Beagle Bone 
 Asus Tinker Board 
 Pine64 Computers 
  • Building a cheap boat dock that is easy to setup
  • Electronic music, midi, using Logic Pro[4]
  • Vehicle communications using CAN
  • Drones
  • Makerspaces (for me i3 Detroit is ideal)