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General TODOs

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Rewrite Inventory Page Items have left, items have entered. 1 Kevin
Husqvarna Trainer's Checklist Jan would like a clearer checklist for Husqvarna training. 1 Kevin
List of Husqvarna Hoops in Stock (for wiki) 3 Either
List of Husqvarna Feet in Stock (for wiki) 3 Either
Granite Block Mounting The granite block on the table by the leather supplies? I'd like to flush-mount that in an existing table, but significant carpentry work is required. 3 Kevin
Lower Shelves: Mounting I'd like to put lower shelves on all of the Craft Room tables, *except* those holding sewing machines. Significant carpentry work is required. The supplies are currently taking up space, so this is high priority. 1 Kevin
Price/Label Button Supplies The button supplies on the top shelf need to be priced out, and the price per button needs to be posted on the boxes. 2 Kevin
Create Flats Storage The mat board, foam-core board, and other flat materials would be much easier to store with specialized storage. Given the small amount of wall space, I favor an open-ended box divided into tall, narrow sections on the inside. 3 Kevin
Create samples for 'Craft Room' sign We still need light, wall-hangable samples of:
  • Buttonmaking
  • Sewing
  • Serging
  • Machine Embroidery (smaller sample)
  • Casting
  • Papercraft
  • Silhouette
2 Kevin

Equipment TODOs

Badger Universal Model 360 AirbrushI need to take more photos and post them along with a link or two to some sort of airbrush how-to. I've never used one myself, so until I've accessed that content and played around with the airbrush, this page will remain a stub.