Haas VF-3 CNC Mill

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Haas VF-3 CNC Mill
I3 HAAS.jpg
Name HAAS VF-3
Zone CNC Shop
Owner i3Detroit
Make Model HAAS VF-3
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location In the back corner of the shop - You can't miss it. It is practically the only thing in that corner of the space.
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Documentation Haas Automation Resource Center - Contains G-code manuals, Service Manuals, Repair Manuals, etc.
Other References Travels - 40" x 20" x 25"

Spindle Motor - 15 HP

Spindle RPM - 7500 RPM

Tool type - CAT40

Number of Positions on Tool Changer: 20

Max. Cutting Feed Rates: 200 IPM

Rapid Feed Rate: 450 IPM

Machine Weight

   - Mill Approx 12000 Lbs. 
   - Pallet Changer 4000 Lbs.


A vertical CNC machining center with 40" travel.


Must be on the list of operators to actually run the machine, but anyone can request a part to be cut.


Looking for i3 Detroit's super secret HAAS post processor? You can find it here!

Users can follow this flowchart on the overall process.

Torq Cut Process Flowchart

Maintenance Info

Maintenance is performed by the operators.
HAAS Maintenance Notes Page


Here is a link to the FAQ page: HAAS FAQ


  1. A pricing structure needs to be established. This is to cover consumables used in making parts for members.

Authorized Users and Trainers

User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Jim Kemp Brian Wennberg
Brian Wennberg Jim Kemp
Patrick George Jim Kemp
Brian McPherson
Terry Wynn Jim Kemp
Derek Kuschel Jim Kemp, Brian Wennberg
Konrad Brown Brian Wennberg, Jim Kemp
Adam Scholl Terry Wynn, Brian Wennberg 2015/09/10
Daniel Pawlak Jim Kemp, Brian Wennberg 2016/05/09
TJ Johnson Jim Kemp, Brian Wennberg 2016/8/31
Trainer Name Certified Date
Jim Kemp 2010/01/01
Brian Wennberg 2010/01/01
Terry Wynn 2014/07/24
Thad Johnson 2015/11/19

Photo Gallery

HAAS Photo Gallery of Member Projects done in the CNC Zone: CNC Photo Gallery

HAAS Shifter Plate.jpg
HAAS Custom Clamp.jpg
HAAS Hemingwrite.jpg


Operator Name Trained By
James Kemp *
Brian Wennberg *
Patrick George JK
Brian McPherson N/A
Terry Wynn JK
Derek Kuschel JK, BW
Konrad Brown BW JK
Thad Johnson TW, JK
Adam Scholl TW, JK
Anthony Graziani TRAINEE LEVEL 3A Certified
Dan Shepherd TRAINEE Level 2 Certified
Matt Carpenter TRAINEE Level 2 Certified
Tom Kim TRAINEE Level 2 Certified
Evan Allen TRAINEE Level 2 Certified
Matthew Gardeski TRAINEE Level 2 Certified
Yajie Wang TRAINEE Level 2 Certified

How to Get Certified to Be a HAAS Operator