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Members of i3Detroit can reserve time on certain resources and equipment in order to guarantee a block of time and (to an extent) let others know when the equipment will be occupied. We use Google Calendar and each resource has its own calendar (similar to conference rooms in many workplaces). Below is a list of reservable resources and instructions on how to reserve time. Additional reservation rules may be specified here or on the resource's own wiki page.

List of Reservable Equipment

NameStatusReservation AddressCalendar URL
2 Post Auto
Haas VF-3 CNC
Laser Cutter - York
N2D2 LN2
Skutt KMT-822-3
Wilmar Folding Engine

Also Kiln Zone but it's not equipment so it doesn't show up in the table..


Initial Setup

For each resource you would like to create reservations for, you need to first add them to your address book. All you need to do is create a new contact entry and set its name and email address. For example, create a new contact named "Wolverine" with the email address show in the table above.

How To Make A Reservation

See the image below for reference.

  1. In your calendar app of choice (such as Google Calendar), begin creating an event on your own calendar.
  2. Include your name in the event title (1) so it's clear who is making the reservation.
  3. Set the date and time of your reservation (2). Make sure to account for time spent cleaning up when you're done.
  4. Most important: Invite the resource to your event (3). It will then show up on the guest list (4). The resource will automatically accept your invitation, and some resources have bots which automatically announce reservations in the relevant Slack channel.
  5. That's it. Just make sure to remember to show up on time!

Example Reservation

Important settings when making a reservation

Notes for Admins

  • create resources in gsuite admin
  • change settings (like public visibility) for them your account calendar page
  • Allow up to 24 hours between creating a resource calendar and adjusting the sharing settings or advertising the calendar. The new version of G Suite calendar has some extra propagation delay.