Skutt KMT-822-3 Kiln

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Skutt KMT-822-3 Kiln
Name Skutt Kiln
Zone Ceramics Zone
Reservation Address Link
Reservation Calendar URL Link
HOWTO Reserve Time on Equipment
Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Skutt KMT-822-3
Part Number Serial number 20103-117
Date Acquired 2020/09/29
Storage Location
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Value $2784.3

Power Requirements 240VAC Single phase
Documentation * Kiln Manual
Other References


State of the art kiln with digital controller, wifi, and remote monitoring app. Purchased from Runyan Pottery in Clio, Mich.


  • You must be authorized to use the kiln.
  • Guests may only use the kiln if they are under the supervision of members authorized on the kiln. Members assume responsibility for guest usage.
  • Vent must be turned on for every firing.
  • Kilns should only be run if full. Less firings means better longevity of the kiln and parts.
  • If you need to run a kiln but do not have enough work you should post in the slack. Chances are someone might have some stuff they would like to fire as well and Kiln can be shared.
  • Post: Date of run, Cone temperature, and how much space you will have room for. Set up an arrangement for how you would like to split the cost of kiln use with fellow member(s).
  • Kiln must be reserved on the i3 Calendar for every firing.
  • Reserve on the calendar from time of loading kiln to time of unloading.
  • Please be mindful when firing other users who may have kiln reserved afterwards. Please unload the kiln in a timely manner.
  • If something arises and you will not be able to unload on time please communicate with whoever has the reservation scheduled after you.
  • Members should never touch other members' work without their approval/consent.
  • This means - You should not unload someone else's kiln, touch work that is on shelves drying, etc. If it's not yours do not touch it.
  • The Kiln should NEVER be opened until the temperature has cooled to at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Users must use kiln wash, Kiln-cookie or kiln stilts under any work that could damage Kiln/Kiln Shelves.
  • If a ceramic piece sticks to a kiln cookie and the kiln cookie is no longer usable. User is responsible for replacing kiln cookies for next members use or paying $2/replacement cookie fee.
  • Users are responsible for any glaze drips Responsibility includes:
  • Removing any glaze drips from kiln shelf
  • Repairing any chips on kiln shelves caused by glaze or misuse
  • Paying cost to replace kiln shelf if shelf is beyond repair.
  • Changes to any established settings is not allowed.
  • Custom firing programs are allowed.
  • Take great care to avoid hitting thermocouple when moving furniture or loading/unloading pottery.


Kiln Zone Authorization.jpeg

Maintenance Info

  • Routine checking for debris inside kiln and vacuuming.
  • Routine checking of thermocouple for cracks or damage.



Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
Roger Slykhouse 2021/09/01
Sabrina Good 2022/01/20
Estefany 2023/10/18
Nick LaRocca 2024/03/10
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Sabrina Good Roger and Estefany 2023/11/8

Estefany Sabrina G 11/08/2023
Annette Garza Sabrina G / Estefany 11/08/2023
Louis Wilson Sabrina G / Estefany 11/08/2023
Deb Scott Sabrina G / Estefany 11/8/2023
Nikki Ryder Sabrina G / Estefany 11/8/2023
Zach Sutton Sabrina / Estefany 11/8/2023
Sthefanny Hincapie Sabrina G/ Estefany 11/8/2023
Jacob Gedrimas Sabrina G / Estefany 11/8/2023
Dan Major Sabrina / Estefany 11/19/2023
Rain/Rin H. Sabrina G / Estefany 11/19/2023
Roger Slykhouse Sabrina G / Estefany 11/19/2023
Kristina Schmidt Sabrina G / Estefany 11/19/2023
Kevin B Sabrina G / Estefany 11/19/2023
Andrew Lanagan Sabrina / Estefany 11/19/2023
Simone E Sabrina G / Estefany 11/19/2023

Greg Good Sabrina G 3/10/2024

Ann Marie McFadden Sabrina G 3/10/2024

Nick LaRocca Sabrina G 3/10/2024

Lew Dennison Sabrina G 3/22/2024

Lilly Marinelli Sabrina G 3/22/2024

Christopher Ferrantelli Nick L 3/29/2024

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