Skutt KMT-822-3 Kiln

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Skutt KMT-822-3 Kiln
Name Skutt Kiln
Zone Kiln Zone

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Skutt KMT-822-3
Part Number Serial number 20103-117
Date Acquired 2020/09/29
Storage Location
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Value $5499

Power Requirements 240VAC Single phase
Documentation * Kiln Manual
Other References


State of the art kiln with digital controller, wifi, and remote monitoring app. Purchased from Runyan Pottery in Clio, Mich.


  • Training and authorization required. Thorough reading of user and controller manuals required.
  • Power vent usage is required for any firing.
  • Users are responsible for removal/repair of any glaze drips onto furniture.
  • Digital controller provides cost to run after each firing (minimum $3). Place relevant funds in Kiln Zone cash box or through Paypal on Kiln Zone page.
  • Changes to any established settings is not allowed.
  • Custom firing programs are allowed.


  • Refer to relevant manuals.
  • A wide variety of cone programs are available that will meet vast majority of needs. Experienced users may choose to create a custom firing schedule.
  • Take great care to avoid hitting thermocouple when moving furniture or loading/unloading pottery.
  • Unplug after use.

Maintenance Info

  • Routine checking for debris inside kiln and vacuuming.
  • Routine checking of thermocouple for cracks or damage.



Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
Tim Clayson 2020/09/29
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training

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