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Main HAAS equipment page: HAAS VF3


How can I get trained on the HAAS?

What can I do to get ready for HAAS training?

  • Prerequisite to have working knowledge of CAD. Autodesk Fusion 360 is a good place to start.
  • Prerequisite is to have a project in CAD to work on right after getting Authorized.
  • Authorization class is $100 flat fee and $5/session.

What types of files does the CNC support?

  • The HAAS itself only takes G-Code from a generic text file.
  • The G-Codes need to be transferred to the HAAS via a serial link.
    • An existing cable is already run between the HAAS and the PC workstation.
    • Best practice is to thumb drive transfer your G-Code file to the workstation and then transfer it the HAAS.
  • The CAM plug-in we suggest you use will generate a G-Code file. This file may be hundreds of thousands of lines line!

What tips would you give in designing a part?

Design your part with the knowledge that you will need to hold in some fashion while it is being cut. Without proper hold downs it will be very hard to cut you part accurately.