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HAAS Training

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Certification to Become a HAAS Authorized User

The HAAS CNC machine requires a member to become an Authorized User before they can run the equipment. Cost is $100. Class size is maximum of 2 people and typically requires three (3) hour sessions with individual practice in between sessions. Classes are held as required.

Anyone who wishes to become Authorized must prove to be proficient in the three levels listed below. The authorization process is not so much a test as it is demonstrating to the instructor competence in handling the outlined activities safely in regards to yourself and the machine. We encourage everyone to use the Wiki for help, this is not a "closed book test".

The goal of Authorization is safety for the user and the machine. We are not training people to be machinists and we are not a job shop.

If you are interested in becoming authorized, it is a pre-requisite that you have a project to work on right after getting authorized and that you have a working knowledge of a CAD program. Typically the design will be done in a CAD program with tooling paths being done in a CAM program. We use Autodesk Fusion 360 a lot around here. It is free for many small users. There is a lot to running this machine and without doing a project of your own soon after authorization the learning will fade fast.

To discuss getting authorized contact CNC Zone Coordinator Thad Johnson at cnc@i3detroit.org

Users in Training

Trainee Name Level Reached Last Training Date
David Kelly Level 2 Nov 20, 2019


Training Materials

Resources associated with learning the material to pass each Authorization Level are listed below.

Haas Owner Manual


  • Hard copy of manual is kept in the CNC Zone desk

Authorization Criteria

Level 1


  • Turn the Machine ON correctly. See Turning on the Haas link below.
  • Turn the Machine OFF correctly. See Turning off the Haas link below.
  • Know where tools are kept. See link below
  • Please be advised: No one is authorized to remove covers of the machine to work on it for mechanical or electrical reasons without permission from the ZC. This includes changing any of the machine parameters.

Be sure to review the links below before a training session and use them during the sessions.


Turning on the Haas

Turning off the Haas

Know Where Tools are Kept

Coolant and Oil

Level 2


  • Demonstrate attaching a Kurt vice to the machine bed
  • Demonstrate tramming a vice on the bed of the HAAS within 0.002" or 0.05 mm.
  • Load tools using all the collet types available.
  • Calculate speeds and feeds for 2 tool/metal combinations.
  • Set the X and Y, G54 work offset using a piece of stock.
  • Demonstrate locating the center of a circular piece of work.
  • Load stock and touch off 2 tools. Feeler gauge or dial method (student choice).
  • Remove tools.
  • Remove Kurt vice from the table and store it on shelf under main workbench with movable jaw taken off.(keeps from rusting)
  • Clean up, power down and return tools to storage locations.


Loading Tools

Work Coordinate System

Tramming a Vice

Edge Finding and Setting User X-Y

Touching Off

Level 3

HandCoding G-code.


Section A:

  • Write the G-Code Programs to face a piece of stock.(supplied) Write it at the machine or use a computer to transfer it to the HAAS.
  • Demonstrate running your program by air cutting (no tools loaded).
  • Demonstrate running your program with a work offset so all tools cut in air above your stock.

Section B:

  • Write the G-Code Programs to mill some simple contours per instructions and transfer it to the HAAS using a computer.
  • Demonstrate running your program by air cutting (no tools loaded).
  • Demonstrate running your program with a work offset so all tools cut in air above your stock.
  • Mill it.
  • Clean/Put Away/Power Down


How to Hold Your Piece While Cutting

Climb Milling

G Codes

Feeds and Speeds

What Is This Tool For?

Moving G Code Programs to the HAAS

Programming the Haas

Entering G Code Into the HAAS Via the Control Panel

General Documentation

Here is a link from HAAS for a PDF manual that covers our baby.


Our HAAS was manufactured in 1994 but the firmware loaded dates from mid 1999. The link above is for a HAAS from 2000 so it should be really close. Page 76, as an example, shows the control panel which matches our machine.

The PDF is just over 20Meg and has 450 pages! Tons and tons of good info in those pages. As another example, pages 157 / 208 lists the actual G & M Codes that run on the HAAS.

Just for reference as you read the manual, our machine is a VF-3 with CAT-40 tools.

The following is a link to a HAAS workbook for milling machine programming using G&M-Codes. This is another "free" book from HAAS for HAAS customers, like us.


Here is a link to the answer book:


Remember, the goal is to get comfortable with reading G-Codes. There no expectation that you learn the G-Code fancy stuff like tool-compensation or macro programming. The ugliest thing expected is G2 / G3 arc programming.