Edge Finding and Setting User X-Y

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Setting the User X and Y in our Work Coordinate System.(G54)

0) Put on your Safety glasses.

1) Load the LED Electronic Edge finder in a tool holder and mount it in the HAAS.

2) Hit HANDLE JOG. Select appropriate units for safe jogging.

3) Make sure tool is high enough to not hit vise/material. If not hit Z+and hold it (this is the Idiot Button) to raise tool sufficiently.

4) Turn dial slowly to confirm expected movement and then move to position probe to the LEFT of the back jaw of stock. Hit Y+ and position Y so that the probe is at the side of the stock. Hit z+ and bring the probe down below the top surface of the stock. Then hit X+ and use finer and finer control until the LED indicates you are .0001 to the LEFT of the stock.

5) Hit OFFSET screen button.

6) Page until you see G54. Move Cursor over X of G54. Press PART ZERO SET to load the offset with the current value.

7) Since the center of the probe is actually to the LEFT of the edge of the stock by the radius of the probe (.100), you need to change the X offset. Move the cursor back over the X value and type "-.1" and press WRITE. You should see the X Offset decrease by .100 Switch to the position screen by pressing POSITION. You can see the X position is now -.100. If you jog the spindle directly over the left edge of your stock (after raising it) the position should read 0.0000

8) Repeat for Y. (usually front face of your stock).

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