List of i3 CNC tools

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These tools are always usable in the zone. If something breaks, please contact the Coordinator for replacement. There are private tools stored in the Zone and are required to have a name on them. If not named, assume they are i3. Keep you tools in your tool box or put your name on them.


Please pay attention to where you find the tools and put them back where you found them so we are not searching for tools that are randomly put back.

  • A few end mills and drill bits
  • Edge Finder in Tool Holder
  • Numerous CAT 40 tool holders
  • Kurt Vices
  • Vise Handle and dead blow hammer
  • Parallels in Red Box
  • Collets
  • PC Workstation with cable to Haas.
  • V Blocks
  • Shell Cutter
  • 1-2-3 Blocks
  • Hand Chamfer Tools
  • Brass Strip and Bulk Brass Strip.
  • Center Drill
  • Dial Indicators
  • Touch Off Tool (Analog)
  • Numerous other odds and ends

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