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Disclaimer: Nobody at i3 appointed the Wiki Warden and they don't actually have any official power, Aside from Appropriate Abuse of Alliteration. Any Bogarting or Abusing of Power by the Wiki Warden is punishable by Pool Noodle.

Who is the Wiki Warden

The post was created by pajamapuma in May 2014 [1] as an offshoot of the Compute Zone. The post is currently held by pajamapuma.



  • Holds the Ceremonial Goblet, entitling them to prompt and free refills of wine by Wiki Minions
  • Has control of the Wiki Stick, which can and should be used to punish the black of heart for not using the Wiki.

Catch Phrase

Wiki wiki woo!

Editing the Deep-Wiki

SSH into i3 server

  1. Open Putty
    • port 22
  2. Login
  3. cd .. to home directory

Edit Settings

  1. cd i3/www/wi
  2. sudo nano LocalSettings.php to change all the settings

Install/Update Extension

Why yes, there are THREE separate ways that extensions can be installed, and no way to know which extensions use which without looking them up individually. It's SUPER convenient and not confusing AT ALL.
(The actual reason for the different extension types is that MediaWiki has come up with a couple of iterations of "better" ways to install extensions, but only some extensions have been rewritten to follow the newest format. Since MediaWiki is backwards compatible, there are some simple extensions written for the older version of MediaWiki that have never been rewritten, because if it ain't broke, don't fix it)
  • New Extensions: add something like "mediawiki/slack": "~1.0", to the "require" section of composer.json to install extensions.
    • To update all extensions, sudo php composer.phar update
  • Old Extensions (MW1.25/1.26):
    • Download: Go to extensions directory, then use something like curl | tar xz to download and untar. ls to check that a folder with the extension name is in the Extensions directory
      • Most MW extension pages will have links like above to a snapshot compatible with a particular version of MW
    • Install: Add something like wfLoadExtension( 'Nuke' ); to LocalSettings.php, preferably in the extensions section
  • Even older Extensions (MW 1.24 and below): Download the same way as above, but add something like require_once "$IP/extensions/Widgets/Widgets.php"; to LocalSettings.php, preferably in the extensions section

Back up the wiki database

  • The entire server is backed up every Sunday, but check with Brian McPherson first before doing anything super stupid

Edit meeting minute generator bot setup

  1. time trigger file -??
  2. cd bamcpher/bin for
  3. cd bamcpher/pywikibot-core/scripts for