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Zone Information
Zone Name Compute Zone
Status Historical
Zone Slogan "ARMs and Cores and Cables and Boards"
Zone Coordinator(s) Robert Burns
Zone Slack #compute_zone
Zone E-mail

Zone Color DarkRed
Paypal Button Pay money to Compute Zone


Welcome to the Compute Zone! This zone was established in the aim of providing space and tools for the computing needs of members at large as well as provide a venue and support system for computing oriented projects. Please email us about your thoughts!

Training, Workshops, and Documentation

Please email the zone coordinator with ideas and suggestions. If you teach a class related to this zone let me know and I'll add it to the list and perhaps help support the needs of the class.



Listed in order of generally accepted Awesomeness

Nickname Hostname Platform Operating System IP Description Admin
i3's Raspberry Pi i3raspberrypi.i3detroit.local Pi 3 Raspian DHCP GPIO, Scratch, Minecraft etc. James O'Dell
VHS Digital Video Recorder vhs.i3detroit.local Pentium 4 Windows XP Home DHCP VHS digitizer (in storage) Konrad B


The below server(s) are online and ready, maintained by the Infrastructure Zone.

Hostname Platform Operating System IP Description Admin
hardac.i3detroit.local 64Bit Xeons Debian Wheezy Fileserver [samba] Amelia Meyer


Name IP Description
HP ScanJet 8270 Scanner n/a - connected directly to Raspberry Pi scanner
HP LaserJet 700 M712 Printer monochrome laser printer
HP Color LaserJet 4650dn Printer color laser printer
HP DesignJet t1100ps Plotter Unknown see HP DesignJet t1100

Computer Accessories

Item Description
Web cam
5 port ethernet switch
8 port ethernet switch property of Nate B
Cables audio, video, network, SATA
Hard drives SATA
Optical drive
(2) 2 GB flash drives
ODroid XU Dev Kit property of Paul Frick
Raspberry Pi development board
GHI Fez Raptor kits
Beagleboard and Beagleboard XM
Beaglebone Black and Beaglebone Cape container includes USB hub with ethernet ports
Parts for NCR touch screen


Open Source SIG

The Open Source Special Interest Group is a collection of people and events related to Open Source Software and Hardware. We have a number of projects going on in this group including Git Empowerment, Open Hardware power profiling, and EFF BitCoin Patronage.


Follow the section link to visit the primary network page. Currently there are no local networks created for the Compute Zone.

Data Management

Power Meter

We are also now collecting data on the power usage in the building and hosting publicly for analysis. You can read more about it at the Power Meter page, at the bottom is information about access to the database.


Yup, sometimes seeking inspiration is productive.


What, not hacky enough for you? clearly you don't know minecraft that well...

We are now hosting our own externally accessible (access controlled) minecraft server!

  • Server connection info available upon request. Check #games in Slack.
  • Current world is not guaranteed to remain available.
  • Services will be added to display info and assist players.
  • Features will be added in game to assist players.
contact: Justin Triplett (User:jtrip)


Artemis is a co-op space combat simulator, whereas all players need to be on the same network so that they may take individual roles to operate between 1 and 6 starships. We have a license that was purchased by Nate B. and donated to i3 for general use. Currently there is a group that meets regularly to play on every other Saturday, please refer to the calendar for details.

The game only requires one 'desktop/laptop' license to work for as many players as you like (more than 36 and you'd likely be sharing roles) and runs natively on Windows but is also playable on Mac OS and Linux generally via Wine. All versions of the software present the user with a choice of hosting the server or connecting to the server as a client. The game is designed such that one computer must be the server and is best connected to a projector, a player is not able to use that as their client, so there must always be one more computer than players to host the game. Here is the PDF manual

Artemis on Mac OS X, might be more apt to crash, so it is likely best suited as a client because the game will stay stable as clients can drop out and connect at any time.

Artemis on iOS

The iOS version is great and highly recommended. Not only can you join games hosted by any other system/platform, but you can also set your iOS device to be the server that any system can attach to as a client. And yes if you buy it once you can run it on both you iPhone and iPad at the same time.

Artemis on Linux

Wine + Magical Happy Thoughts + Artemis = One Heck of a Great Time!
note: this is not the kind of wine that comes with magical happy thoughts by default

Artemis on Android

Probably... scrub. :P
If you have further information just send it to me and I will post it.


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