Wiki Wine Workshop

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These are monthly-ish events hosted by the Wiki Coordinator. They frequently involve wine and/or occur on Wednesdays or Weekends.

Oftentimes, the Wiki Coordinator will have a specific focus in mind if no one brings any issues to the workshop.

You know a Wiki Workshop happened when the Recent Changes scraper gets overloaded and quits

Event Description

Conquer your fear of the wiki with delicious wine, and help make the wiki more useful!

What will one work on at a Wiki Wine Workshop, one would wonder?

  • Learn what all the scary looking markup language means ( like ===headings===, [[links]] and {{templates |with |pipes}} )
  • Get help creating a wiki page to take and share notes on that project you're working on
  • Help improve the content by adding pictures or updating information about the equipment and space
  • Help keep the wiki clean and organized by dealing with maintenance tasks like dead links, double redirects, etc
  • Implement new features into the wiki like templates and semantic whatnots

Some Past Participants