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Map image current from 2019-02-10

i3 Detroit is located at:

1481a Wordsworth
Ferndale, MI 48220

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Where to Park, in order of preference.

Pannable, zoomable, editable map (ask for edit permissions):



Anytime. (Indicated in green)

  • In front of our building. (This is the only place that you can leave your car unattended -- i.e. if you're carpooling off-premises. But don't leave your car in front of the garage door!)
  • In front of our neighbor to the east's fence. They don't use this parking and don't mind us parking there
  • In the neighborhood east of Wanda, just go down Wordsworth or Channing until you find a spot. (PREFERRED if it's a busy night!)


(Indicated in Yellow)

Monday-Friday: 6 pm to 6 am

Weekends: all hours

  • In the courtyard on the west side of i3. Do not block any vehicles in here.
  • On the south side of Wordsworth in the Gage visitor spots.
  • On the south side of Wordsworth in the Gage handicapped spots, ONLY if you have a permit. The law applies everywhere!


(Indicated in Blue)

  • In front of our garage door is primarily loading and electric vehicle charging, however anyone may park here. DON'T leave the premises while you're blocking the door. DO immediately move your car if someone shows up who needs to use the door, and DO help them load their stuff if they could use the help!


(Indicated in Red)

  • The handicapped spots across the street at Gage, unless you have and display the permit.
  • The church parking lot.
  • Blocking the landscaping company's parking or courtyard garage door.

Sign for Your Dash

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