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As decided at the June 14, 2011 board meeting, i3 Detroit is creating a more formal scholarship program. It provides the following:

  • That one non-voting scholarship membership, with all membership dues waived, shall exist for each 10 paid memberships;
  • That scholarships shall be awarded on a 6 month basis, beginning in January and June;
  • That scholarships shall be awarded on the basis of merit, financial need, and diversity;
  • That the applications shall be seen only by the board and the officers of i3 Detroit.

The purpose of the scholarship program is to advance the state of DIY knowledge in the community. Applicants will be considered based primarily on an established track-record of publishing project write-ups, teaching classes, etc.

Recipients will become full members of i3 Detroit for some term (probably 3 months), with all the rights and responsibilities thereof, except that their dues will be considered paid in full and they will have no vote.

Application form

Makership Application Form -Taken from bits of Ed's draft, Nate's draft, & LVL1 Makership application

Ed's draft is here:

Nate's draft follows (note that this one does not mention financial need, as required by the resolution adopted in the above meeting minutes):

Name, phone number, email

Please provide links to as much of your published work as you'd like us to review. Choose pieces which exemplify your creativity, attention to detail, and eagerness to share your knowledge. These can be videos, instructables, or any other sort of documentation, but they must be accessible to anyone -- publications in subscription-only journals or otherwise behind "paywalls" will not be considered. Collaborations may be listed here but your name must appear among the authors/credits, and at least one solo work should be included.

Have you previously visited i3 Detroit?

Please describe at least one project you'd like to undertake (interpret that as widely as you wish) which would be easier if you were granted this scholarship.


  • Who is on the scholarship committee?
  • What is the deadline for submission? Can I submit mid-term?
  • How does an applicant submit the application?
  • Where is the approved application form?
  • Can an approved applicant start in the middle of a scholarship term (e.g. March) and if so, is there scholarship to the end of that term, or the next term?
  • Can an application on Scholarship apply for a continuation for the next term?
  • What are the requirements on the Scholar?