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Updating your membership record when you're leaving the group is important! Whether you're moving cross-country or just going back to school for a few months, it helps those you leave behind continue making i3 a better place.

If you've experienced a problem with another member that is making you feel unwelcome, please refer to HOWTO Be Excellent and the Harassment Policy and contact the Board if there's been a violation.

If you're planning to come back within a few months

  • Email the VP of Onboarding and ask to be put on 'hiatus' status. They'll enter this into the CRM, which suspends billing, and keeps your account from getting all horrible and confusing.
  • Hiatus leaves you on the member's email lists and slack, though you will be asked to turn in any keys (fobs, cards, actual bits of metal, etc.)
  • Hiatus status is appropriate for medium-term departures. If you're gonna be gone a year or longer, please just cancel your membership.
  • You will be able to restart your membership by contacting the VP of Onboarding
  • Proceed to the final steps.

If you're not planning to come back (soon)

  • Email the Vice-President of Member Retention and ask to cancel your membership. Being clear about when you've left reduces the fretting about whether you have.
  • If you are on auto-pay, you will need to cancel that yourself (as shown below)
  • Please drop your keys (RFID, metal, encryption, whatever you've got) into the treasurer's box on the wall next to the blue door with the iris. Bonus if you label it somehow so we know who it used to belong to!
  • Canceling your membership will result in more privileges being revoked than going on hiatus. You may be removed from the Members email list and Slack, unless you specifically ask to remain on them. Remaining is at the discression of the VP of M.R
  • So long as you left in good standing, you will always be welcome to renew your membership at any point in the future (it'll probably be less paperwork than when you first joined, but more than if you had just gone on Hiatus.)
  • Proceed to the final steps.

Access Revocation

People have access to stuff, when they leave make sure we deal with it. Stuff like slack and wiki accounts are fine to leave open, we have a lot of ex-members in slack and it's nice to talk to them.

Final steps for all cases

  • Go through member storage, make sure you've taken all your stuff home, and write "-VACANT-" where your name was.
  • Go through the rest of the space and make sure you aren't leaving anything else that belongs to you. If you're taking anything home that people might miss, please notify the mailing list.
  • If you have items in the shop that people have come to rely on, it would be excellent to offer the option of letting the space or another member buy it from you.
  • Just to reiterate, if you are on auto-pay, you will need to cancel that yourself (as shown below)
  • We would really appreciate if you would fill out our exit survey located at It only takes a few minutes and really helps us improve the space for our members!

Cancel your Auto-Pay (if you have it)

If you pay using the new CRM

  • Log in to the CRM at
  • Click on "Plan" below your name.
  • Scroll down to the Membership section.
  • Click the Cancel button.
  • Be extra awesome and send a quick email to and letting them know you canceled your payment.

If you pay monthly using the old PayPal system

  • Log in to your account at
  • Click on the Settings Gear (by "Log Out")
  • Go to the "Payments" tab
  • Find i3 Detroit in the Active list
  • Click the Cancel button
  • Click to confirm
  • To be extra awesome, let the Treasurer know.

If you pay monthly using the old Amazon system

  • You can use the Amazon or the FoxyCart interface to cancel


  • Log in to your Amazon account from a computer browser. (If you're on mobile, these steps might not work)
  • From the "Account & Lists" dropdown menu (near your name), Click "Orders"
  • Click "Amazon Pay"
  • Click "Merchant Agreements"
  • Find the i3 Detroit line. Click "Details"
  • Click "Cancel" and follow the prompts
    • NOTICE: Make sure you are cancelling the merchant agreement, not just one payment, or else you'll keep getting charged. (Contact Treasurer if you need refunds)
  • To be extra awesome, let the Treasurer know.

From FoxyCart

  • Find the email you got when you set up your AutoPay
  • Click the link after "Cancel this subscription:
  • Click on the "AmazonPay" button and get logged in to Amazon
  • Click the "Cancel" button and follow any prompts
  • To be extra awesome, let the Treasurer know.

See also

There's a table on Membership Plans that makes sense of the differences.