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Zone Information
Auto Zone.jpg
Zone Name Automotive Zone
Status Active
Zone Slogan Get in the zone - Automotive Zone
Zone Coordinator(s) Brandon Biller
Zone Slack #cartalk
Zone E-mail

Zone Color Brown
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Automotive Zone Rules

Vehicle definition – trailer, quad, motorcycle, car, truck, van, snowmobile, jet ski, etc.

No paid service is to be conducted in the automotive zone. The zone is for i3 members/friends to learn and work on vehicles together, not to be run as an automotive repair/service shop for hire. It is expressly against the law due to the zoning of i3 Detroit. Examples of acceptable and unacceptable behavior:

  • Unacceptable – “I have access to a lift, and can change your brakes for you for $100”
  • Acceptable – “If you’d like to work on this car together and help me / learn how to change brakes we can do that in the automotive zone”

An agreement has been made with Monaghan's Towing to remove vehicles in violation of the rules, at the vehicle owner's expense (see below). If a member needs to arrange to tow their vehicle home, they can use any tow company they wish, including Monaghan Towing (rate as of 12/07/21 is $70/hookup, $4/mile). It is important to note that if the vehicle is towed and impounded because the owner cannot be contacted, the recovery fee is significantly higher.

To have a vehicle in the automotive zone, you must have a reservation (this includes walk-up work, where you make the reservation upon your arrival, as long as it is not already reserved by someone else).

  • Reservations for the space occupied by the 2 post lift (whether or not lift is in use) are to be made using the 2 post lift calendar, put your name and phone number in the event
  • It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to remove their vehicle, whether or not it can move under its own power.

Any member can reserve the automotive zone, whether it involves a full vehicle or not. The automotive zone can only be reserved as a whole space, if you do not need the whole space we encourage you to share with others.

If a member needs to have the automotive zone clear for moving large supplies/equipment through the B side loading bay door, they should create a reservation for the zone to ensure the path is clear.

Walk-up work

  • If the automotive zone is empty, and the space is not reserved on the calendar, members can bring their projects in to work on them ad-hoc. Members with reservations have priority to use the space during their scheduled time, so if someone makes a reservation while you’re there and you haven’t reserved the space for yourself, you might need to stop your work to let them in.

Zone reservation

  • Allowable time blocks:
    • Normal project duration
      • Max number of hours at a time: 6
      • Reservation extensions can be submitted in the last hour of current reservation if time is still available.
      • Any one person may only have one current or future reservation at a time
    • Extended project duration
      • Requires zone coordinator prior approval, at least 1 week in advance.
      • Approval contingent on agreed upon plan for removal of inoperable vehicle or unfinished project should it not be completed in the time allotted.

Unattended vehicles/projects (not allowed)

  • A vehicle may only be left unattended in the automotive zone if you have an active reservation (which includes your name and contact information)
  • If your vehicle or project is in the auto zone without an active reservation it needs to be removed. The process is as follows:
    • If contact information is posted, attempt to contact owner will be made
      • If owner responds they will be instructed to remove the vehicle within two hours
      • If no response from owner within two hours, vehicle will be towed at vehicle owner’s expense
    • If there is no contact information and no one returns to remove the vehicle within 2 hours, it will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense

Automotive fluids/waste

  • If you bring it in, you take it back with you on your way out. Plan ahead to have containers to do so.
  • There will be no waste left in the auto zone. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Batteries, oil, transmission fluid, engine coolant, brake fluid, belts, tires, brake pads, etc.
  • Scrap metal parts that are reasonably clean may only go into the scrap metal bins (i.e. used water pump, worn brake rotors, etc.)
  • No automotive fluids of any kind are to be dumped on the ground, in floor drains, or in sink drains. If some fluid is spilled, clean it up immediately to prevent a slip hazard.

Vehicle part storage

Table of Equipment

Equipment Authorization Owner(s) Status
4x8 Utility Trailer No David Henry Running
2 Post Auto Lift Yes i3Detroit Running
OBD Code Reader No Ted Hansen Running
Floor Jack No i3Detroit Running
Oil Lift Drain No i3Detroit Running
Parts Washer No i3Detroit Running
Tire Machine Ammco 740 No i3Detroit Running
Wilmar Folding Engine Crane No i3Detroit Running

Tool Loaning

List of large tools that can be borrowed from the space

  • Engine stand
  • Engine hoist w/ load leveler

Process for borrowing:

  • Send message to #cartalk on Slack, tagging zone coordinator
  • State the following:
    • Tool(s) you need to borrow
    • Duration of loan (please keep this to a minimum – tools should primarily be at the space for everyone to use)
  • Zone coordinator to approve request before removal of tool
  • Create an event on the appropriate tool calendar (still need to be created) so others can see when the tool is or is not available.


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