Parts Washer

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Parts Washer
Name Parts Washer
Zone Automotive Zone

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model
Part Number
Date Acquired 2010-03
Storage Location Out of the way but accessible, near loading bay.
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value 100

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Preclean large greasy crud off prior. Do not dispose of fluid down drains, recycle at socrra when unusable.


Soak parts, submerge and run pump to clean heavily coated parts.

Maintenance Info

Skim solids from fluid.


Q:Why do we have this? A: To clean tools and parts coated in grease or other contaminants requiring removal.

Q:But people leave it all nasty. Like, really, WHY do we have this? A: Because hackerspace? I don't know.

Q: What do you do with old/used fluid?


Buy Fluid, we used 5-10 gallons of purple power last time, research concentration needed and dilute to appropriate cleaning ratio.
Add a oil pan warmer to heat cleaning liquid.

Parts Washer Zone: Automotive Zone "/>