Ceramics Kiln - Evenheat 5320

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Ceramics Kiln - Evenheat 5320
Name Mr. Hottie
Zone Kiln Zone

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Evenheat 5320 Volts = 240 Amps = 24 Cone = 8
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location In Kiln Zone
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Value $500

Documentation Kiln Manual‎

Sitter Manual

Other References Mfr Page



Use with Kiln Wash. Remove any cardboard/plastic boxes from cage area during use.


Kiln: Manual Operation

Maintenance Info

Expect to change heating elements every 100-300 firings.



  • Make Controller for Automated Temperature Control

How to Plug in the Large Ceramic Kiln

1) The kiln you wish to use probably has this type of plug pattern in the end of the cord (Type 2).


The sockets on the wall have this type of pattern (Type 1)


So we have built an extension cord with a Built In Adapter. Socket for Type 2 leading to plug of Type 1.

Plug the kiln into this extension cord.

There are 2 places to plug in the Type 1 plug of the extension cord. The socket on the East wall of the Kiln Zone and the Switch Box on the fence on the South side of the zone. If you are using the KilnSitter, then plug the extension cord directly into the wall. If you are using the computer, plug the extension cord into the Switch Box.

Historical Information Below - Not Current

How to Program the Kiln Controller

Ver 1.0

by Terry W.

Step 1) Turn ON controller with Green button. You should see the current temp in PV display.

Step 2) Push the SET button. You should see PASS in the PV display and 0000 in the SV display.

Step 3) Our convention will be > for the rightward arrow button, ^ for the upward and v for the downward, since I can't type that one. Use >, ^, and v to type in 2000 and hit SET.

Firing Schedules.

You will see in books on glass, things called firing schedules. They look like this:

You read that as a set of instructions:

Ramp up the temperature from room temp to 1250F at a rate of 300F per hour.

THEN hold 1250F for 30 minutes.

THEN ramp from there to 1420F at a rate of 300F per hour.

THEN hold it for 30-60 minutes.

THEN ramp as fast as you can from there to 960F

THEN hold it for 90 minutes

THEN ramp at 50F/hr to 800F

SKIP holding it.

THEN ramp at 100F/hr to 600F

THEN turn it OFF and don't open the kiln until Room Temp (No Venting).

Your Kiln Controller needs to be programmed in a series of steps. Each steps has 3 attributes, C,T,Sv. So your list of instructions will look like







Let me define what each of those are.

C is the PID setting we use. We always use PID#1, which I have preprogrammed into the controller. Please do NOT change PID#1.

T is time, in minutes. More later.

Sv is a target temperature in F. I believe Sv is short for “Set Value”. And Pv is Present Value....of what you are trying to control, in our case Temp F.

So from our example

C1=0001, T1, Sv1=0070 (room temp)

C2=0001, T2, Sv2=1250

Now Let me explain what T is. T1 is supposed to be the time (in minutes) we are telling the controller to get from Sv1 to Sv2.

So our programming looks like this:

C1=0001, T1=240, Sv1=0070 (room temp)

C2=0001, T2=30, Sv2=1250

C3=0001, T3= 60 , Sv3=1250




Note that I am rounding to the nearest half hour because kiln work isn't that fussy ...until you get to Pate de Verre, which is not covered in this lesson.

Once you have put in all steps, scroll up to END and hit SET. This enters your program. The controller will keep it, even if switched off.

Once programmed, you can

1) Make sure the Thermocouple (yellow plug) is plugged into the yellow socket (check polarity).

2) Make sure the data signal (blue cat5e wire) is plugged into the Controller and the Relay Box.

3) Make sure the Relay box is plugged into the wall and the circuit breaker is set to ON.

4) Roll the cart OUT of the cage.

5) Make sure the top of the kiln is plugged into the bottom.

6) Make sure all 3 knobs are set to 10 (or to 11 if you are a Spinal Tap fan).

7) Make sure the Kiln is plugged into the Relay Box.

8) Turn on the Controller with the Green Switch.

9) Hit the > key.

Troubleshooting Controller

1) Within 3 seconds of turning controller ON duty cycle goes to 100% and Sv reads LARGE value. Your T1 should be set to room temp or slightly below. If set to HIGH VALUE controller will immediately strive to take kiln UP to HIGH VALUE with 100% duty cycle.

Table of Equipment Ownership


Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
Terry Wynn 2012/11/06
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Terry Wynn Terry Wynn 2012/11/06

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