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Real Name Jan Henry
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Craft Room, Sewing Zone Coordinator
Board Member: 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024

Authorized to use: None
Certified Trainer on:

Baby Lock Imagine Serger
Babylock Evolve Serger
Fabric Cutting Table and Giant Mat 4x8'
Hot Steam gravity fed iron (Darth Vapor)
Designer 1

About Me

Background, first education in Communications/advertising, second education in exercise science. Current profession: personal trainer/certified exercise physiologist.

I'm quiet but if you want to see me light up ask me about costuming, sewing, cosplay, or birds. We have a parrot named Patrick, a girl bird. She wears a tuxedo. It's a diaper. Yes, it's a thing!

Stuff I do:

  • I made that dress right there!
  • scrapbooking
  • card making
  • polymer clay miniatures
  • Intermediate level in sewing. If you ask me, I'll try to help but I'm still learning a lot.

Project List:

Hailey's Christmas Dollhouse

Polymer clay miniatures

  • It wasn't on my list originally, but I couldn't take it. The sweet little desserts needed a display pedestal, as they do in our house. I love pedestals! This one was an experiment of a few disks of several sizes cut from rolled clay (using clay pasta maker), a makeshift pedestal stem, and a decorative strip cut from rolled clay using scrapbooking scissors. You could even make another level out of smaller disks, for a double decker dessert tier.


travel hoop strap for travel hoops

  • sewn on the Viking in the craft room
  • six colors and sized for the various hoop sizes
  • made for my business Moxie Personal Training


i3 logo skirt

  • David designed the fabric with the i3 logo and I used it to make a skirt set. Members can order the fabric for their own projects. Some examples are silk scarves, twill hat, cotton pillows, knits, etc.
  • This is what the fabric looked like when it came.


  • These are photos of the skirt progress and completion.

I3logoskirtprogress2.jpeg I3logoskirtprogress3.jpeg

  • completed ruffled underskirt


  • completed overskirt with black skirt


  • completed overskirt with matching underskirt


  • Pattern is the Vivienne by Violette Field Threads