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Zone Information
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Zone Name Bicycle Shop
Status Historical
Zone Slogan Two wheels good
Zone Coordinator(s) Mark Furland
Zone Slack #bike_zone
Zone E-mail

Zone Color Orange
Paypal Button Pay money to Bicycle Shop

Current Status

Bike was merged into toolcrib in 2022/2023ish.

About the Bicycle Shop

The Bicycle shop is a great place to fix or build your bike! We have a collection of tools that have been donated by various members. Please make sure all Bicycle Shop tools stay in the Bicycle Shop/zone. Please contact the zone coordinator if you think we should stock a specific tool or spare part.

References for Bike Repair

The Park Tool Company sells high-quality bicycle repair tools (there are several examples in this zone). Park has helpful YouTubevideos and repair articles.


Quantity Part Number Description
1 Unknown 4 5 6 mm Y allen wrench
1 Park CN-10 cable/housing cutter
1 Park BT-2 cable tensioner ("third hand")
1 Unknown axle wrench
1 Park HCW-5 bottom bracket tool
1 Park PW-3 pedal wrench
1 Bike Hand YC-501A Chain whip
1 Schrader air chuck connected to compressed air
2 Park CT-3.2/CT-1 Chain breaker
1 Bike Hand YC-335 Chain master linke tool for chains that have the master link side plates
1 IceToolz headset bearing extractor
1 Unknown cleaning brush
1 Park SPA-1 Bottom bracket pin spanner
1 Park TS-8 Wheel truing stand
1 Park PCS-10 work stand
1 tire irons (Pedros plastic and misc)
2 Misc spoke wrenches
1 Unknown Freewheel removal tool
1 Shimano cassette removal tool
1 Park CM-5.2 Chain cleaner
1 Park TM-1 spoke tension gauge
1 Park 1059 spoke gauge tool and tension meter conversion table

Spares, Replacements and Consumables

Patch kits
brake pads
brake mineral oil
shock fluid
WD-40 bike lube
finish line wet lube
Park PPl-1 grease
finish line dry lube
3-1 oil
Stans tire sealant
qr skewers
cables and housing
Blackburn tire pump (presta and schraeder head)
handlebar tape
spare wheels

Wish List/Ideas

spot welder for assembling ebike battery packs (ebay $100 - $200)
Tag spare parts in the zone with a date for better FIFO management. Some parts in the zone are suspected to be obsolete (no cost)

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