Rowenta Sewing Iron

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Rowenta Sewing Iron
Name Rowenta Garment Iron
Zone Sewing Zone

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model DW2070
Part Number
Date Acquired 2016-09
Storage Location sewing shelves next to exterior window
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value $40

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This iron has several steam settings and is self cleaning if you use the self cleaning setting.


This iron is for fabric and sewing. Please do not use it with glues, dyes, paints, etc.


Use tap water. No scented or or softened water. Empty the water tank after each use for clean steam and to avoid scale deposit. Store on dry and on the heel.

Maintenance Info

Use the self clean function every two weeks to double the life of your iron and secure long lasting powerful steam.

Clean the soleplate with iron plate cleaner.


Can I use this to make a grilled cheese? NO. Can I use this to make crafts? No. I got brown gunk on the soleplate. What do I do? Clean it with iron cleaner before you put it away.


Rowenta Sewing Iron Zone: Sewing Zone "/>