Quickstart Guide To Gold- and Silver-Leafing

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PAGE IS WIP, 11 May 2013.


This page gives a brief overview of how to apply any metallic leaf to a relatively flat surface. It's aimed at the beginner.

See Kevin Flory or Matt Huber for help with basic techniques. Steampunk Steve may be willing to help with advanced gold-leaf projects, such as how to get good results on a 3-d surface.


Supply Location
Metal leaf Papercraft supplies zone in the southwest corner on top of the bench; drawer labeled "Gold Leaf".
Adhesive Size Box labeled "Painting Media" on the shelf on the north wall.
Sealer (Optional) Box labeled "Painting Media" on the shelf on the north wall.
Foam Brushes Box labeled "Foam Brushes" on the shelf on the north wall.
Paint Thinner (Optional) In dripper bottles on top of the brush credenza near the door, or in bulk bottles on the shelf under the sewing machine.
Wax Paper In the same drawer as the gold leaf.

Notes On Materials

The paint thinner is used for cleaning up adhesive size which goes where it shouldn't.

While these techniques may be applicable to tinfoil, metal foil created expressly for gilding is the only material which is guaranteed to behave. It's extremely thin, and available at Michaels or other supply stores.