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Welcome to the i3 Detroit open source choose your own adventure? Everyone is welcome to write for the final story which should go on forever and can take any twist or turn you like. Have fun. If you don't have a login to the wiki, shoot a note to

Chapter 1: The Meeting

You walk into a giant warehouse filled with fascinating projects and incredible machines. There is a faint smell of sawdust in the air. You see a conference table in the center of the room with 30 individuals seated around it. Each are working on a small project, typing on their computer or chatting with one and other. A tall man in a white suit invites you to join the group.

"Welcome to i3 Detroit. You look lost." says the man. "You must have heard of the secret event we are planning. Would you like to help?"

Do you?

Have a seat and listen to more about the project

Go check out the tools in the back of the shop

Leave the building and run for your life