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i3 Detroit is always seeking donations and sponsorship to help continue our growth and educational goals. If you are interested in helping our community we have many options for you to help. Since i3 Detroit is a 501c3 organization your contribution may be tax deductible.

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations, along with regular member dues, help pay our rent and support our daily operations. We greatly appreciate any amount of support you want to give.

Tool and Supply Donations

At i3 we are always excited about getting new tools and supplies! If you have something that you think would be useful to our organization please contact the relevant Zone Coordinator or email us to see if we can be its new home!

We have a wishlist, which may not be terribly up to date, but it'll give you a sense of the sort of stuff we're looking for.

Donation Receipts

Only after it's been decided that we want to accept the donation (either before or after the actual donation is made), email the Treasurer ( with donor’s name, description of donation, donor's estimated value of the donation, and the date of the donation. If donor wishes to receive receipt via U.S. Mail, provide mailing address. If donor wishes to receive receipt via email, provide email address. If donor wishes to receive a receipt in person at i3 Detroit, no address is needed.

The Treasurer will then create a donation receipt, sign it, and return it to the donor. An electronic copy of the donation receipt is then recorded in the Donations folder in the ADMIN section of the i3 DataVault maintained by the Treasurer.

The Treasurer is the only person authorized to sign receipts for donations, so please don't go around writing up your own receipts, unless you plan to create it and have the Treasurer sign and record it.

If you choose to fill out a donation receipt and send it to the treasurer to be signed, the form is: File:Donation Receipt Form.docx

If you think it's relevant, maybe add the Donor and their Donation to the Sponsors page.

Relevant rules

Standing_rules#Donated_property Standing_rules#Integrating_New_Property_into_i3Detroit