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i3Detroit Logo Images and Graphic Assets

i3Detroit logo in a variety of source and output formats.  All images are at high resolution; scale and compress them as you need, naturally.

EPS Format

SVG Format

Large PNG-24

Large PNG-8

Large JPG

Square i3 PNG Format

Square i3 SVG Format

Square i3 SVG black/white vector PDF

File:I3 Detroit Logo Icon with surrounding whitespace.png (useful for social media icons)

Logo Icon PNG Format

2-color logos for T-shirts

White lettering and Blue 3. SVG with white background, so you can't see the white lettering, but it's there, promise

White Lettering and Blue 3. PNG with transparent backround

Black lettering and Blue 3. SVG with white background

i3Detroit Specialized Event Logos

PNG Yuri's night Logo

Gimp Yuri's Night Logo

i3Detroit Letterhead

i3 Detroit's Official Letterhead

i3Detroit Donation Request Letter Template

i3Detroit Donation Request Letter Template

i3Detroit Brochure

i3 2018 Brochure - Finalized as of 24.077.2018

Brochure Outside - Finalized as of 4-3-2014

Brochure Inside - Finalized as of 07-2015

Preview PDF - Not for printing

Editable Photoshop PDF files, use these for updates. Photoshop PDF format source files

If you need help updating the flier contact Inaudible (talk)

i3Detroit Flyers

General Flyer (deprecated -- we don't have a chemistry lab anymore, and everything else needs an update too.)

i3Detroit Sticker

i3Detroit Business Cards

Lucas' marking oriented business card

  • Note the file viewer makes the cards look weird.

Front Back

i3 Logo with QR Code - This image can be placed on the back of a business card to allow the holder to quickly go to i3 Detroit's website.

svg qr code with logo inside

i3Detroit Buttons

i3Detroit Slide Show

i3Detroit PowerPoint Virtual Tour

i3Detroit Detailed Layout

Shop Floor layout 1/4in = 1Foot

Blurbs used in public

From the 2019 Ford application

  • Maintain shared workspace, tools, storage, and other resources for use by members and our community on projects related to art, science, and technology to facilitate members' personal growth in these fields, and encourage members to share their projects for the betterment of society
  • 43 word, 283 characters

From the 2020 Michigan Solicitation License

  • i3 is a community of people who share resources to house and maintain equipment used in a wide range of fabrication processes. We then use those resources to educate and assist our surrounding community.
  • 34 words, 205 characters

From the GGHC2011 Week1 Blog

  • We're i3Detroit. We're a place where hardware hackers, crafters, machinists, prop-makers, and carpenters work side by side on their interests. We teach public classes and share our skills with each other in our 8,000 square foot facility in Ferndale, MI. Our mission: "To provide work space, storage, and other resources for projects related to art and technology through talks, workshops, collaborative projects, and other activities, to encourage research, knowledge exchange, learning, and mentoring in a safe, clean space."