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03-- General Meeting Minutes 5/3/2011

New phone bridge set up and seems to be working well.

Penguicon Recap:

  • Much fun was had.
  • Marshmallows are fun.
  • One heat gun died.
  • One visitor in attendance came tonight due to exposure at Penguicon;

have rec'd other guests recently referred as a result of exposure at Penguicon.

  • Ed met Cory from Kalamazoo who so pumped about i3 that he went out and

got a 6000 sq ft space after meeting i3 folks.

  • Ed gave props to Penguicon organizers.
  • Need bigger room next year.
  • Should investigate getting a table at NAMES next year.

Maker Faire Brainstorming:

  • Emphasis on food makers, music
  • Focus on local makers; not going to rely on 'imported' makers as much
  • Hours are 9-6 Sat & Sun
  • Project application deadline is June 1
  • Contact: ke...@makerfaire.com
  • There is also an "expression of interest" form for those who aren't

sure if they want to commit.


  • If Faire going to be partially in museum again? Yes.

SWiT hopes to set up a heli race track inside if possible. Probably would be a periodic event. Hope to do a dry run of the race @ i3 before the Faire.

  • Will there be adequate electricity?

Not clear. HF/Dearborn seems to be reluctant to supply a lot of electricity drops. Special event ham station? Joe will investigate possibility.

  • Will there be spaces suitable for light-sensitive displays?

There is an auditorium available for such things. MF folks will try to accommodate. MF SF folks used tar paper and tape to good effect.

  • What kinds of acts is MF looking for for music acts?

Some programming will be involved so that the offerings are a bit more coherent. Three stages will be available. Local bands are preferred.

  • Will there be internet available?


  • Will admission to MF be separated from museum admission?

Advanced ticket prices are $20 (not sure, though) Doesn't include Greenfield Village admission Most likely prices will not be much different from last year.

  • Is there any kind of project that is more desirable?

Urban farming, alternative energy, "Detroit unique", anything goes!

  • Ideally all i3 projects will be grouped together (if it makes sense).

Nate is concerned that the noise of the surrounding area will drown out the Chronotune.

  • Will there be an official place for FIRST robotics?

Ted is trying to convince the Turbo Trojans to do their own individual projects or team up independently of FIRST. If the FIRSTies want to have an official representation, they need to arrange for it.

i3 Involvement:

  • Nick offered for i3 to host the official after party. Possibly merge

with other organization?

  • Nate committed to bringing trailer
  • Steve H bringing scale steam engine

Meeting adjourned at 8:40PM.

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