Respect the Past, Examine the Present, Build the Future – Nick Farr

I just finished reading an interesting article written by Nick Farr that discusses examining the now and future of hackerspaces. He brings up some good points in how we look at hackerspaces and the differences of them being non-profit vs. for profit. I thought i would share thinking others might find this read interesting.

“Even the idea of a Hackerspaces as a benevolent collectives is worth challenging. As Hackers struggle to find work in the global downturn, why shouldn’t we have patently for-profit hackerspaces? The idea may be initially offensive, but what better way of getting towards a future where soldering irons are as normal in bars and coffee shops as pencils and moleskines are today? Instead of discounting the for-profit idea and other efforts to expand Hackerspaces as a concept, we should be encouraging and participating in such efforts. The global economy being what it is, who wouldn’t support some entrepreneurial hackers with their local parts store and coffee shop?”

For the full read go Here!