A) Vehicle B) Tool C) Toy… D) All of the above!

Ed rides the Genie up to mezzanine height, to talk to Nate2The shop recently gained a new piece of gear: A Genie GR-12 runabout lift, serial number GR01-122.  It has a 12-foot platform height giving an 18-foot working height, which is just about perfect since our ceilings are 14 feet up. So far, we’ve been running cable, fixing air lines, labeling electrical parts, and moving stuff onto tall shelves. And cursing about the joystick lag — it needs a bit of modernization.  But despite the outdated controls, it’s in great shape and works well.

Next project: Grafting the guts of an old APC Smart-Ups on there to use as an inverter, because when you’re carrying around 260 lbs of batteries, running a cord for platform power just seems silly. And maybe some headlights, because what piece of gear can’t be improved with a few watts of LEDs?

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