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Miniature Paint a Long: The Child

Do you want to paint a 3D printed baby alien with an optional Santa hat?  Of course you do.  Then sign up and come on down to i3Detroit’s Classroom next Monday evening 12/30/2019 7pm – 9pm. We have all the paints, brushes, palettes, and miniatures for a $5 material fee.  Maximum 8 participants. Thanks to […]

VR Meetup: Rec Room

VR Meetup: Rec Room Thursday 8/29/2019 7pm-10pm! We are rebuilding i3Detroit inside of Rec Room in the ^i3Detroit Custom Room. Show up at i3 or attend remotely via PC, PS4, or VR. We will have i3Detroit’s Oculus Quest and a few other VR headsets running at i3Detroit. https://recroom.com https://rec.net/event/22400 If you are new to building […]

Miniature Painting Class/Meetup 11/17/2017

Alec and Swit are offering a miniature painting workshop 7 – 10 pm November 17, 2017. Come learn how to paint cool gaming miniatures for games like D&D, Warhammer, or just make you favorite board game a little fancier.  The paint is non-toxic acrylic. It will stain clothes. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/miniature-painting-tickets-39241234589 10 People Maximum.  $5 material fee. Paints, […]

2 Vives 1 room: VR Meetup 8/20/2016

 This Saturday 8/20 5 pm-11 pm I’ll have my HTC Vive setup at i3 Detroit. What’s better than one VR headset? Two VR headsets! My friend will also be bringing his HTC Vive to i3 Detroit. It’ll be a VR LAN Party of 2 (for now)! We expect to try out some Hoverjunkers co-op and […]

LAN Party Oct. 12 8pm-?

It’s time for another LAN Party at i3Detroit. This time around we expect Terraria to top the list of games we will be playing. If you are not familiar with Terraria it is like a 2D Minecraft meets Metroid meets Contra. The v1.2 release happens Oct 1st so we’ll have tons to build, explore, and […]