i3 Awarded EDSFUND.org Grant

In April, EDSFUND.org awarded a grant to a team of i3 members who are developing a bicycle-based Flywheel Energy Storage System, which will help bicyclists save energy as they come to a stop and give a boost when they need to get going. The grant will support the team by covering 40% of the cost for Tormach CNC equipment including a PCNC 1100 with rotary table, allowing 4-axis CNC milling. The team, led by Ken S, is currently fund raising to match the grant funds and beginning the detailed design for the components of the flywheel system. Check out our video proposal submission here, and check out i3Detroit’s YouTube Channel and the project’s wiki page for updates.

Rostock MAX Training Class!

There will be a class for Rostock MAX machine operation real soon now!

This class will teach users the basics of machine operation, including:

  • Slicing a model
  • Starting up the machine
  • Changing filament
  • Printing
  • Finishing a print
  • Shutting down the machine
  • Troubleshooting and error recovery


Yuri’s Night Celebration 2015

Yuri’s Night celebrates the first manned space flight. i3Detroit is hosting a Yuri’s Night event on Saturday April 11th starting at 5PM, open to the public. Come to i3 and join the celebration. We will have demonstrations of planetary dynamics, observation of the night sky, water rocket launches, space themed refreshments, videos, and games!

Mike Kirkhart, our feature guest speaker, is giving a talk about the $50 Satellite Eagle 2. We’re going to have DIY rocket fuel, liquid nitrogen ice cream, and more!


Click on the Read More link to get a ticket.

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Spring PotLock this Saturday. March 21st, noon – 6pm.

New here? What the heck is a potlock?

It’s an i3 tradition, “potluck” because folks bring food, and “lock-in” suggesting an all-night party. Although lately we’ve realized that all-afternoon works better. (Having an official tools-down, pat-each-other-on-the-back time is important.)

It’s also the best way for new members (and non-members) to get more involved and connected! Because a lot of members will be around at once, but NOT debating policy, it’s as socially useful as a meeting, but we actually get physical things done. Potlock is a perfect opportunity to work alongside a bunch of other members, learn where things are and where things go, take some ownership of your favorite zone, and make the space better for yourself and others.

What’s the task-list this time around?

Potlocks traditionally center around the ToDo list in the wiki: https://www.i3detroit.org/wiki/ToDo

Being that this potlock is scheduled for the second day of spring this potlock will likely focus around the things we neglected to do over winter because it was cold out.

How can I help?

Show up and be your awesome self! Seriously, that’s it.

You could also sign up to bring some delicious food here: https://www.i3detroit.org/wiki/Potlock_Menu_Planning

Want more details?

Members can find discussion on the private list here: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/i3detroit/110N5jC0rUI/C02CFhOulqYJ