Hands-On Basic Car Maintenance, 1pm Saturday

CC-licensed photo of a flat tire.

Stranded, for want of a $5 plug kit!

Ever driven a nail into a tire, just so you could practice fixing it? Me neither, but we’ll be doing just that, this Saturday, December 12th! Class space is limited, so RSVP ASAP.

This class (entitled “Coup-fourré!”) is for non-greasemonkeys. If you’ve ever been stranded with a dead battery or a flat tire, come to i3Detroit and learn the skills that’ll get you moving again. We’ll practice simple tire repairs, read trouble-codes from our cars’ computers, and learn how not to blow ourselves up with jumper cables. Full details are on the event registration page.

As with all classes at i3Detroit, non-members are welcome. Donations will help offset our costs, $5-10 is suggested.

With winter weather in full swing, you could wait a long time for a tow truck. After practicing these basics, you might not need one! See you Saturday?

(P.S. the WinterLAN Social event is also posted now, so you can reserve your seat for that too.)

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