i3 Rocked ConFusion 2011

What a blast!  ConFusion opened its doors and its arms to i3Detroit this past weekend.  Four of our hackers – Nick Britsky, Ted Hansen, Brad McMahon, and Ross Smith – spoke to the ConFused about the hackerspace movement, i3Detroit, and our many bizarre adventures. After talking about what hackerspaces are and their brief history, Ross handed the stage over to Nick for a virtual walk-through of our space.  Brad took control to lead our Maker Faire Detroit and project story session.  Ted rounded the event out by explaining FIRST robotics and what i3Detroit does to support local teams.

Many members of the audience immediately connected with the idea of a hackerspace.  We could practically see the gears turning and synapses firing.  Thanks ConFusion for giving us this chance to present our space to you!

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  1. Sheryl says:

    As Assistant Con-chair for 2012, I would like to say “You’re welcome”. Also I would like to see you guys come back next year with even more fun and exciting panels. Let’s make it happen.

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