Laser Cutter Training

i3detroit’s two laser cutters are the most used large tools in all of our makerspace.  The things you can make with computer controlled sheet stock cutting (wood, plastic, cardboard, cloth) is limited only by your imagination.

As a member of i3detroit you can use our laser cutter 24/7, but we require that you complete two training classes prior to operating it.

On Tuesday, December 26 @ 7-9PM we will be offering a training class on the laser cutter.   Members Only.  Space is limited to six slots.

This training counts for one of the needed 2 training sessions for authorization to use the Laser Cutters. Registration closes 24 hours prior to class.

Pre-registration is required for class.  Registration closes 24 hours prior to class.  To register, go to our listing in Eventbrite.


December 26 training with Terry.

January 11 Training with Matt


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