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Agenda for 12-9-2014

Chair: Brian McPherson


No visitors


Kalamazo Hackerspace Startup Group

  • Point of contact Konrad B
  • Kevin W. From Kalamazoo came for a tour of i3 in early November
  • Interested in starting a new hackerspace in Kalamazoo
  • He was very impressed with Max's tour and wanted to come back with more of his group to learn how i3 operates
  • Happening at i3 on Friday the 12th at 7pm!
  • It's on the i3 Google Calendar.

Old Business/Action Item Review

Prior Meeting's Action Items

  • Make a proposal for classroom renovation for the next board meeting-Jamie
  • Get large project space taped down and re-established-Terry


Metal Shop Coordinator

Levi Morey was appointed metal shop warden by email vote on 12/1 with 6 out of 6 voting in favor.

Open Board Position

Matt Arnold was appointed a member of the Board of Directors by email vote on 12/1 with 5 out of 6 voting in favor.



New Business

Troy Childrens Hospital Donation

POC: Roger and Greg

  • cutting out shapes from masonite
    • looks cool
    • 800 of each, wow!
    • $150 worth of material max
    • kids paint then, put them on the walls of the childrens' hospital
    • proposal to spend money
    • include laser time

Evan proposes a budget amendment to dedicate $300 to this project

Andrew seconds

6/6 board members approve, motion passes

Abandoned Property

  • PoC Mike

To expand and clarify on the Board's position on Standing Rules Section 4.7,

In the interest of the members of i3Detroit and their need for a clean, safe workshop, the Board of Directors will thus use or dispose of the abandoned property however it sees fit.

I propose that the board resolves to see fit that any current board member, board appointed officer, or board appointed zone warden may use or dispose of items which the Standing Rules Section 4.7.2 ("Property is considered abandoned if...") classify as abandonned as the individual sees fit.

  • standing rules are not clear
  • give board members, wardens, and officers the approval
  • not amend rules, just allow officers and wardens to act for the board

Mike proposes to grant officers, wardens, and individual board members the ability to deal with abandoned property on behalf of the board

Matt A. seconds

6/6 board members approve, motion passes

Kitchen Renovation Draft Proposal

Jamie wants to tear down some walls in the kitchen/front hallway to make a combined Kitchen/Craft Room that also functions as a sound-proofed classroom. Estimated cost $4900, targeting June 2015 completion. PDF with details emailed on member's list

  • talk to landlord
  • talk to Devon (has experience with building modifications)
  • membership wants more quiet space
  • Terry will talk to the landlord about re-modeling

Selling i3 tools

is that okay? - --Charlie247 (talk) 18:35, 9 December 2014 (EST)

  • selling duplicate tools
  • Terry suggests member list post to make sure of tool ownership
  • we really don't need so many tools
  • Brian suggests renting tools
  • Charlie doesn't want to
    • takes too much effort
  • Nate B. mentions some of the donations may not want to be sold, but not these tools in particular
  • Andrew thinks having spares would be good
  • Evan points out it's general approval of the concept of selling tools
  • How do we determine if we have too many?
    • redundancy
    • lack of use
    • warden's discretion

Board Member Resignation

Scott Richardson Had to resign for personal reasons, we all support him in this

  • if we go back to 7 members should we just appoint the runner up?
  • 7 is good for a tie-breaker

Nate moves to appoint Matt Gardeski for board

Andrew seconds

6/6 current board members approve, motion passes

Floor Plan Report

CNC Plasma Cutter

  • Leaving at the end of the month
  • Konrad has been in contact with the owner, it should be moved by the end of next week


  • Missed the last auction
  • Trying to fix the brakes again
  • Still planned to be sold, mid-January

Officer Reports


  • Nothing to report


  • meeting for budget soon
  • post out to the list soon
  • e-mail problems fixed
  • asked minutiae about the previous budgets
  • stated that we spend approximately 2/3 of our budget

Membership Coordinator

  • 147 Active members
    • 118 Voting members
  • 28 Members on leave
  • Change from last month
    • 1 member on leave
    • 7 new members
    • 0 lost members
  • Discussion about what active members are
  • Nate B points out lots of people are late with payments, but may be active
  • Treasurer talks about why numbers may be out of whack
  • Nate B lists off lots of categories he would like numbers for
  • Treasurer and Nate go off-meeting to talk about the statistics


  • Nothing to report


  • Nothing to report

Vice President

  • Siemens/Henry Ford class
    • Made contact
    • They want to have a Solid Edge class
    • VP is actively soliciting ideas for showing off 3d modeling


  • Talked to 901 Wanda landlord
    • seemed non-committal
    • hasn't gotten us numbers back yet
    • gave us a tour: not very informative
    • he'll come back to us with rental numbers
    • should we get our landlord to buy the building?
    • could we rent just one room?
    • Treasurer says it's too much money for the near future
      • Volunteered to put together an example for an 18-24 month plan to expand (ready by q1 2015)

Action Items

no action items

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed: 8:40pm
  • Funds appropriated: $300
  • Attendees:


  1. Matthew Gardeski
  2. Evan Allen
  3. Amelia Meyer
  4. Levi Morey
  5. Nate Bezanson
  6. Konrad Brown
  7. Max Gonyea Alexander
  8. Jamie BUrdeski
  9. James ODell
  10. Mike Fink
  11. Greg Smith
  12. Dave Scholl
  13. Matt Arnold
  14. Nate Warnick
  15. Terry Wynn
  16. Jody Raiford
  17. Charlie Rysenga
  18. Brian McPherson

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