Board Proposal 20130611 Moderate Mailing List

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WHEREAS: the purpose of the mailing list is to convey information to the entire membership:

Messages to the mailing list should have some relevance to a significant portion of the membership. A message from one member to another is not appropriate.

Every message on the mailing list goes to more than 100 people. Excessive messages with minimal content are not appropriate. If you wouldn't interrupt a room full of 100 people with your idea, then you should think twice before sending it to the mailing list.

The language and tone on the mailing list reflects on the entire organization. Hostility and excessive criticism, however well founded, is not appropriate.

HEREBY The board will appoint moderators for the mailing list, and may force the whole list into moderation at any time to maintain decorum.

Opinions are shared about the mailing list. Proposal needs to be tweeked.the moderators will be responsible for agreeing on a set of standards of which messaged need to be moderated.

Board members 5 in favor with the amended discussed changes.