Board Proposal 20130611 Office of Membership Coordinator

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The Initial Proposal by Maria Therese Enga

Membership Coordinator

  • Maintaining of the Membership Book (aka the CRM) (formerly secretary’s duty according to the By-Laws)
  • Coordination of Former Members and their various accesses and permissions (Formerly Treasurer’s Jobs?)
  • New Member Sign Up Coordination
  • Including Key Creation and various accesses/permissions
  • Scheduling Board Members for sign ups (Share the wealth of getting to know all of the amazing new members, and ensure the new people know who to go to on sign up nights.)
  • Coordinate with Coordinators to encourage regular Zone Orientations/Training
  • Follow up with Mentor Programs
  • New Member Relations


In the Board meeting it was decided that Brodie will re-write the proposal to have the secretary delegate. And board will vote on it at the end of the meeting

This new proposal has not yet been recorded here.

Board voted in this new position/proposal as a voted in member every term; by mutual consensus, Marie will be the first to "own" this position