Board Proposal 20140408 Proposal to Ban

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Yes Votes

  • Matt Huber
  • Ed Platt
  • Devon Truscott
  • Nate Bezanson
  • Marie-Therese Enga
  • Dave

No Votes

  • Justin Triplett
  • No vote was on account of failure of the board to communicate to the person in question before the proposal was released, and in the case of one complaint, unwanted behavior ceased.

Proposal Text (with name redacted)


1. The board has received a complaint that 20140408A, not currently a member of i3 Detroit, has engaged in unwelcomed behavior towards another person while at i3 Detroit and continued after being asked to stop.

2. Upon investigation, the board has determined that this behavior is part of a continuing pattern.


1. That 20140408A shall be indefinitely banned from i3 Detroit, effective immediately.

2. Any officer (e.g. the Secretary) is authorized to add 20140408A to the list of banned persons at the door.

3. The Secretary is authorized to send a copy of this resolution to 20140408A by email or mail.

4. An officer or board member is authorized to send an email to i3detroit-announce notifying the members that 20140408A is no longer welcome at the space.