Bob Ross Painting Class 2013-03-28

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Summary And Links

We're doing a Bob Ross painting class!

Will be held:

Saturday, 30 March 2013 2-4:30 PM (14-16.30 EST)

Yelp Class Link:

Eventbrite Registration Link:

Schedules, Notes, Other Materials

Currently headed up by:

  • Matt Ohrlein
  • Maddie Winans
  • Kevin Flory

Class notes from the Yelp class event:

Material fees are $20 and you will get to go home with a painting made by you! Impress your future dinner party guests with your first landscape realism work. If you have a favorite brush or a collection of brushes, feel free to bring them. Wear clothes you are comfortable getting paint on!

Materials List

The materials below are all based on a class size of 15.

We'll need:

  • Easels @ 5 (Task List 4/5, Footnote 1)
  • Pallettes @ 15 (Task List 3)
  • Paints:
    • KF: Paint List Here
  • Brushes/Knives (@ 15 each)
    • Flats: 2", 1"
    • Fans: ??
    • Pallette Knife: ??
  • Brush Cleaning Jars @ 15
  • Newspaper @ Lots
  • Paper Towel @ 8 Rolls
  • Turpentine @ ?
  • Canvas @ 15 (size?)


Last updated 10 March 2013

1. KF: Verify with MO/MW that current class size is being held down to 15.

  • If so, who is responsible for closing the event to new registrations?
  • If not, are we doing another session(s)? Such a session would need to be scheduled and go on Yelp, right?

2. ??: Notify other I3 members that the space will be in use.

  • Notification needs to include at least 1/2 hour pre-setup and 1 hour cleanup, so time would be from 13.30-17.30 (1.30 PM-5.30 PM).

3. ??: Laser-cut 15 large-size pallettes.

  • During our practice session week before last, we decided that the current pallettes are too small. We'll need larger ones.
  • We suggested that we laser-cut them. Unfortunately, cutting acrylic is out, and the old pallettes were some sort of clear acrylic-like hard plastic, so this isn't going to be as simple as just copying the old pallettes. We could also use wood or buy cheap pallettes; either way, I'm hazy on the details.

4. Check with Mel that she meant to leave behind her really nice easel, currently unassembled in the art room. If yes, then assemble that baby!

5. Make or borrow 5 additional easels. 6. KF: Prototype cardboard boxes in which paintings can be carried home. Where would we GET sheet cardboard? What would the price be?


Footnote 1. We currently have 8 table easels left over from the last class, plus two more floor easels in the art room (one of which needs to be assembled before use). That means we'll need to make or borrow 5 more.