Brita Water Filter

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The Brita pitcher and a new filter still in its bag.

Hi, I'm a Brita Water Filter, I live in the door of the white refrigerator.

How To Use

  1. Check if the filter needs to be changed, if it does, see here
  2. Get a suitable beverage container
  3. Pour yourself some filtered water
  4. Refill the pitcher by putting more whater in the top white part of the pitcher.
  5. Pay $0.25 into the Pop Fund Cup

How To Change the Filter

The filter needs to be changed and the pitcher needs to be washed approximately every 2 months.

  1. Throw out the old filter.
  2. Wash all parts of the pitcher thoroughly with soap and warm water! MOST IMPORTANT STEP
  3. Get a new filter from the kitchen cabinet
  4. On the Filter Change Record, write the current date in the "Filter New Date" column, add 2 months to the current date and write that in the "Filter Change Date" column.
    • If the record is full, replace it with a new one, copies are with the new filters, or print a new one here and use the laminator from the Craft Room.
  5. Follow the instructions for the new filter
    1. Immerse the filter in cold water for a few seconds and shake it gently to remove any air bubbles
    2. Insert the new filter into the pitcher so that the slot in the filter lines up with the rib in the pitcher's filter recepticle
    3. Fill the top part of the pitcher with cold water and let it drain, and pour out the water on the "Flower Zone" if it's seasonally appropriate.
    4. Repeat the previous step again (don't question! just do it, this is part of the manufacturer's instructions!).
    5. Now the filter is ready to use, fill the pitcher once more and put it back in the white refrigerator.