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Class history

Name Teacher Description Cost / Prerequisites Date More info
Introduction to Web Advertising (Part 1) Nick Britsky The goal of this course will be to empower you to select the right sites and services to drive traffic to your website. Part 1 covers: Explain terms, the process and basics of marketing, cover the free options available to you. free

No prerequisites



Introduction to Web Advertising (Part 2) Nick Britsky Will continue with explaining the free options then focus on the low cost of entry paid options. The course will focus on standard website advertising and will not focus on mobile or out-of-home experiences. free

No prerequisites



Radio Basics (Part 1) Nate B. Radio theory, information, bandwidth, modulation. The amateur service, FCC rules, licensing. free

No prerequisites



Radio Basics (Part 2) Nate B. Part 15, CB, ham, broadcasting. Practice test and Q&A afterward. free

Prereq: Basic radio understanding (such as Part 1). Please bring a laptop.



Intro to Web Servers Part 1 Brad McMahon Intro to Web Servers (Part 1) - go from basic computer to full web server in about an hour - Bring a laptop with VMware server installed. - There will be prep-class half-hour before that will give a walk through on installing an running VMware server. free

basic linux knowledge

2009-10-21 21:00 Eventbrite
Intro to Web Servers Part 2 Brad McMahon Intro to Web Servers (Part 2) - Learn how to install and manage a LAMP server. free

part 1

2009-10-28 21:00 Eventbrite
DIY Papercraft Greeting Cards Eileen Britsky Learn how to fold decorative paper and arrange under a die cut shape to form a unqiue hand-made greeting card. You will leave the event with one fully constructed card, the instructions to make additional ones, and details on the sources for additional materials. $5 for materials 2009-11-02
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Intro to HTML and CSS Brad McMahon Learn how to build your own website that looks good. free 2009-11-04 21:00 Eventbrite
Arduino and Microcontroller BoF Phil and Joe An afternoon of MCU hackery! Birds-of-a-feather session for anyone interested in programmable electronics. free 2009-10-24, from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (ET) Eventbrite
WordPress Meetup Ed Platt The Ferndale WordPress meetup will be held at i3Detroit this month. $2 donation appreciated, but not required; coffee/soda for $0.50/each 2009-10-26
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Intro to Web Servers Part 2 Bradley McMahon Start with a fully configured web server and work on more advanced topics (software, MySQL, PHP, security). free
Recommend to have attended Part 1 or understand the material covered in Part 1
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
CSS Layouts Brad McMahon Learn how to use CSS to create beautiful web page layouts. free 2009-11-11
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Distributed Version Control with Mercurial Steven Kryskalla An introduction to the Mercurial version control system and distributed development. How to: install HG, create a repo, make a commit, share your changes with others. free

Basic command line knowledge. Bring a laptop if you can.



HG homepage
i3-101: Intro to Your Hackerspace Roger S You got the formal indoctrination, now find out how things REALLY work around here! Free 2011-10-14 7:00pm 1hr
i3-213: Intro to The MakerBot Roger S This is a basic introduction to using the i3 Detroit Cupcake MakerBot. Free 2011-10-16 4:00pm 1hr
i3-220: Designing and Procuring Custom PC Boards Roger S Design a custom PCB using Eagle CAD, then generate the Gerber files, choose a board house, and submit the order Free 2011-10-16 5:00pm 2hrs Load the Eagle PCB software on the laptop you're going to bring ;)