Classroom Lights

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Classroom Lights
Name Classroom Lights
Zone Classroom

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model ? lights; Sonoff Touch; Etekcity Smart Light Switch
Part Number ?; IM160928099; ESWL01-USA
Date Acquired 2009
Storage Location
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value Lights: ?; Switches: $20/ea
IP Address, ,,,,
MAC Address 60:01:94:86:C9:D1, 60:01:94:86:BA:F3, B4:E6:2D:01:74:B9, 60:01:94:86:75:CF, 60:01:94:86:C6:05, 60:01:94:86:C7:3B

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The lights in the classroom, dooridor, and hallway use Sonoff Touch and Etekcity Smart Light Switch networked light switches. Several Sonoff Touches have failed and either been repaired or replaced with an Etekcity switch.



The east classroom light switch controls all lights referenced here (classroom, dooridor, hallway). The east and west light switches on the west side of the classroom control their respective east 2/3 and west 1/3 of the classroom lights. The two hallway switches are configured to function as a normal 3-way switch setup.

Maintenance Info



Classroom Lights Zone: Classroom "/>

  • dooridor_light 60:01:94:86:C9:D1
  • classroom_lightswitch_east 60:01:94:86:BA:F3
  • classroom_light_east B4:E6:2D:01:74:B9
  • classroom_light_west 60:01:94:86:75:CF
  • hallway_west_lightswitch 60:01:94:86:C6:05
  • hallway_light 60:01:94:86:C7:3B