Cyclonic Dust Collection System

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Cyclonic Dust Collection System
Name Cyclonic Dust Collection System
Zone Wood Shop

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model TBD
Part Number
Date Acquired 2011-07
Date Departed 2021-09
Storage Location This system is located at the north end of the wood shop.
Authorization Required No
Status Departed
Value 650

Documentation *
Other References Estimated Characteristics 10in input duct, 4,000 cfm, Peak material 500 lbs/hr, density of wood chips 17lbs/cu ft*


For collecting dust from the wood shop.

  • Main Motor Baldor
  • hp=7.5, Voltage 208-230/460, Amps 21-18.8/9.4, RPM= 3450, 3 phase, 60 HZ, Service F. 1.15
  • Rotary Air Lock is Tice Model VJ10x8, S/N 36299-C1127, chain driven by:
  • Motor A.O. Smith Model HF27034N, 115V ac, 1 P, 3/4hp 1700 rpm with gear box


  • Use with wood dust only, please!
  • Turn on when using Table saw, Miter saw, Bandsaw, Sander.
  • The ductwork is permanently connected to the table saw and miter saw.
  • Open slide gates when using the bandsaw or sander and close when done.
  • Connect with hose to planer and jointer when using these tools


  • The power switch is on ductwork down drop between the table saw and the chop saw. It is held in place with a magnet.
  • Check to be sure dust/chips are falling into dust bin under airlock. If not, contact coordinator as there may be a clog.

Maintenance Info

Check Chip bin after each use, empty when 1/2 to 3/4 full, use 55gal trash bags located near machine


  • When the barrels under the sleeves feel full, empty them into the dumpster.
  • Replace the plastic bag with a new one of the right size.


purchased use New Rotary AirLock*

Cyclonic Dust Collection System Zone: Wood Shop "/>